Smart Home Automation

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Control 4 remote used to control alarms, aircons, blinds and gates

Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation is the link between you and your home's equipment. The system allows you to control audio & video equipment, lights, alarm systems, aircons, blinds, motorized curtains and brackets and any relay switched devices like underfloor heating and high powered electric circuits.
The system can be connected to new or existing buildings - thanks to its unique wireless technology called ZigBee. The wireless technology in Control 4 is a mesh network which allows all Control 4 devices to monitor and "talk" to each other, making it a very fast technology. This allows for very fast operation, so if you press the button, the lights come on instantly.

Controlling your system can be done from a Smart phone, iPhone, iPad, Android device, a in wall touch screen or remote control.
We at Jeff's Hi-Fi Shop do all the programming of the system in house, which allow customers to have a unique programmed house. Things like light scenes, audio playlists, away modes, emergency feedback and remote viewing are all things we configure for you.

Controlling your lights, alarms and sound from one source

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Work Process

1. Meeting with the Client

2. Establishing your Needs & Budget

3. Project Design & Management

4. Installation of Goods

5. Handover

6. After Sales Service

Above we walk you through the process of Smart Home Automation

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