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Distributed Audio

Multi-room AV systems are the distribution of audio and visual content around your home. A major benefit of multi-room audio and visual systems, is that all the AV equipment can be centrally located within your home. All DSTV decoders, FM tuners, Blu-Ray players and other AV equipment can all be rack mounted in a cupboard out of sight.

Wireless audio systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes, were no or minimal cabling can be installed. These wireless systems can also cover more than one room, giving multiple audio outputs, with different music playback in each room. Wireless audio systems are normally media streaming systems that can access stored content from your pc on your local area network. These systems are easily controlled by interactive and easy to use wireless handheld controllers.

With hidden wires, we can create that perfect look you've always wanted

Lifestyle Theatre

With the ever so popular move to more modern space and lifestyles, manufactures have had to design smaller components, which will still deliver the high-quality performance of more conventional audio equipment. This enables our customer to select not only varied sizes, but also more modern finishes to suite their every need and lifestyle. With the revolution of flat panel televisions, speaker manufactures have had to come up with clever designs to either match the television or even to hide speakers in the wall or ceilings.

Creating the perfect theatre experience at home
A cinema theatre in the comfort of your own home
Sound so real, you can feel it

Cinema Style Theatre

For the client who wants a more private set-up, the cinema style room is the answer. Here one can create the more cinema style room, often using a larger screen projector, to create the ambiance of being at the movies, all in the comfort of your own home.

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